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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I Wear?!

Great question.. Bring a load of tops for us to try. Avoid heavy patterns and stick to solid colour where possible, think about what compliments your hair, eyes, and complexion. Bring your favourite top, even if it's full of holes, and I'm a sucker for a nice jacket. Think about neck lines, which ones work for you? If you're ever in doubt bring a suitcase, the more the merrier.

Do I get to see the shots during the shoot?

You can if it helps, not so much if it's gonna make you feel self conscious..

Can you do it the same as my old shot?

No, not even if I shot it, new headshots need to be fresh and new. Photographers have our own styles, if you like someone else's work, book them.

I have a great police outfit, shall I bring that?

You can, but I'd advise wearing more 'every day' clothing. 

Can I shave mid shoot?

Of course, bring your own shaver (battery shaver is best)

Can I curl/ straighten/ change my hair mid shoot

Of course! Bring what you need, my house is full of mirrors.

Can I pay Cash?

You can, but bank transfer is preferred.

Can I keep the unedited images?

No, I don't offer unedited images.

You missed a bit, can you tweak the final images?

Of course! I edit hundreds of shots, I may miss something or take out a mole or something permanent, flag it up and i'll fix it! All images are edited to look as natural as possible, please don't expect excessive airbrushing

How should I wear my make up?

Its all up to you t the end of the day, I prefer a natural look, I definitely don't think makeup should be plastered on, you want to look glam but also look like you!

What if I have spots?

I have a spot healing brush, photoshop is magic.

Can I bring my mum?

If you are under 16, you will need to at least be dropped off by a parent/ legal guardian, there is a lovely little cafe 2 mins down the road where they can wait if you feel a little uncomfortable with them being in the room.

Can we shoot in a studio?


Can we shoot on location?


Do I have to pay a deposit?


Can I purchase extra shots if I like more?

Of course, extra edits are charged at £15 each

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